Convenants and Plats

Rules governing the neighborhood have been put in place to maintain the beauty of the neighborhood and to protect the property values of the home owners.  The Towne Lake HOA documents can be downloaded using the links below:

Towne Lake Covenants and Restrictions Phase 1 (1998)
Applies to Lots 1 – 64

Towne Lake Covenants and Restrictions Phase 2 (Sept 21, 2000)
Applies to Lots 65 – 107

Towne Lake By-Laws Revision 15 Apr 05
Applies to all Lots

Towne Lake Architectural Guidelines (revised Dec 2012)
Applies to all Lots

Interested in submitting a request to the Architectural Review Board (ARB)?  
Please download and use the form below and submit to the ARB Chair:
Towne Lake ARB Submission Form  Word   PDF
Questions can be email to the ARB Chair:

Locate a lot on the Towne Lake Plats:
Click to download

Plat Phase 1

Towne Lake Plat – Phase 1

Plat Phase 2

Towne Lake Plat – Phase 2